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Lending Hub is Changing and Relaunching Soon!

Posted By LendingHub on April 12, 2015 No Comments » Filed under: Banking Industry

Lending Hub is Relaunching

Lending Hub is changing very soon! After launching as Australia’s first personal loans P2P marketplace, Lending Hub has been in hiatus over the past 12 months, however we have a new plan, market focus and will be relaunching very soon in 2015!

Rebranding Lending Hub

We will be rebranding Lending Hub to a new and better name for the Australina market that reflects our P2P business model and allows us to tap into a specific and unique segment of the lending market … this new business model will be a first for Australia and only one of two globally.

Investors in our New P2P Platform

Later in 2015 we will be opening our platform to investors looking to invest in loans and we will also be looking at undertaking an equity capital raising to allow us to drive growth in the business and build this Australian first.

Who is Behind the New P2P Lending Business

The founder of Lending Hub Ivan Mantelli is the driving force behind the rebrand and the peer lending platform. Ivan Mantelli effectively founded peer to peer lending in Australia as has sometimes been referred to as the King of P2P having built a market leading platform in Australia at a time when consumers and regulators were still wary of the concept and long before banks thought of investing in p2p platforms as an alternative to their traditional banking model.

What is Happening in the Australian P2P market?

The P2p market in Australia has seen an explosion in platforms and interest in 2014 and this interest will spur further development and allow for some of these markets to build liquid markets. We expect the personal unsecured loan space to become crowded over the next 2-3 years and as such we have developed a new unique concept…stay tuned over the coming months for our rebrand and relaunch!

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QuantSpring – Financial & Data Analysis Platform

Posted By LendingHub on April 25, 2012 No Comments » Filed under: Entrepreneurs and Business, Investing and Lending, Lending Hub News

Introducing QuantSpring Financial Analysis Market

QuantSpring.com is a new financial and Data Analysis platform launched by one of the LendingHub founders. QuantSpring connects businesses that need financial analysis work completed and data projects with financial analysts, advisers and data experts.

The need for a secure way to contract for short-term work in the financial services industry is clear as many small and large businesses have data and financial analysis needs that require expert advice and skills but for only a short-term. QuantSpring helps bridge the gap and is designed for the following sorts of projects:

  • Financial and forecast modelling
  • Operational and finance models
  • Asset and business valuations
  • Derivatives and risk hedging analysis
  • Insurance probability and payout profiles
  • Cost of capital and return on investment analysis
  • Data analysis from a wide range of sources (consumers, trends, science etc)

For Analysts and Financial Freelancers

QuantSpring is designed to connect with contractors in the financial and data analysis segments. If you are a financial analyst you can easily become a freelancer on QuantSpring and have access to a range of projects for tender. QuantSpring suits financial services freelancers such as:

  • Financial analysts
  • Managed fund managers
  • Quant analysts
  • Data and statistics modellers
  • Business and asset valuers
  • Insurance and risk assesors
  • Business and strategy planners

Visit QuantSpring Financial Analysis Market and QuantSpring Financial Insights Blog.

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    Seed Funding for Australian Start-ups by LaunchPad Capital

    Posted By LendingHub on October 27, 2011 No Comments » Filed under: Entrepreneurs and Business

    A New Venture Capital Fund for Australian Start-ups

    Today we introduce a new Venture Capital Fund, LaunchPad Capital based in Sydney that provides seed capital funds for early stage ventures across a range of sectors.

    As many business owners know it is hard for business founders to raise capital at an early stage in their business when they need funds the most. In response to this gap in the market LaunchPad Capital has been founded to focus on these early stage businesses including investment at the concept stage.

    >> You can find out more about LaunchPad Capital at their website, LaunchPadCap.com and their venture capital and seed funding blog for entrepreneurs.

    About Launchpad Capital

    LaunchPad Capital focusses on businesses that need $50,000 to $500,000 equity funding  and have a passionate founder willing to drive business growth and can work with a strategic investor.

    LaunchPad Capital is founded and managed by a team of experienced partners with deep skills in business investment, building start-ups and strategic planning for high growth businesses.

    Areas of interest  for investment are:

    • Online and digital businesses across a range of sectors
    • Smartphone app development
    • Gaming and entertainment platforms
    • Retail and retail support systems
    • Clean energy platforms and technology
    • Financial services and payment gateways

    LaunchPad Capital is in particular looking to both fund businesses and also assist founders with long-term strategic thinking and planning – a unique skillset for the guys at LaunchPad Capital.

    Entrepreneurs Looking for Concept Stage Funding

    Here at LendingHub we get contacted by a lot of entrepreneurs looking for capital and support to launch a new venture however to date the Australian market has lacked a deep venture capital industry that supports very early stage business opportunities.

    If you have an original concept or a unique business model for addressing a particular business issue or challenge then put together a quick pitch and get in touch with the guys at LaunchPad Capital.

    Things you’ll need to address are:

    • What makes your venture unique or different?
    • How much funding do you need and how will you use it?
    • What are the specific competitive factors of your industry?
    • Expected revenue and profitability over 1-3 years?

    When Will LaunchPad Capital be Ready to Invest in Opportunities?

    LaunchPad Capital is meeting entrepreneurs over the next 2-3 months and will be fully ready to invest in opportunities by the end of November 2011. If you are keen to get a partner and support for your business it is suggested to get in touch now.

    How to Get Started

    Simply send the guys at LaunchPad Capital an email at pitch [at] launchpadcap .com with a quick overview of your concept or business.

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    Announcing our Collaboration with Urbanities.com.au the Online Lifestyle Store

    Posted By LendingHub on May 12, 2010 No Comments » Filed under: Lending Hub News

    The team here at Lending Hub is proud to announce our collaboration with the new online retailer Urbanities.com.au …”the Fun and Quirky Lifestyle and Living Store”. Urbanities is a new concept in online shopping experience for Australians and New Zealanders for homewares, kitchen wares, gadgets, kids stuff, wall art and designer toys.

    The ethos on Urbanities is all about hard to find, exclusive, limit range products from boutique designers and artists… something to create that different look at home or the office.

    Urbanities supports independent designers and artists both locally in Australia and New Zealand and International designers in Japan, Europe and the United States. The team is always on the lookout for new products that are edgy, cool and interesting and are more exclusive. If you are a designer or product creator then check Designing and Collaborations for Urbanities for more info on how Urbanities can help up and coming designers or create promotions and campaigns for new designs and products.

    We have chosen to collaborate with Urbanities after an extensive search of new innovative concepts in the online space that meet the following needs for consumers – innovative, fun and with a high-end demographic profile. The team at Urbanities has extensive retail and digital business experience and is committed to creating a whole new experience in Australia and New Zealand for online shopping.

    If you would like to know more then you can visit www.urbanities.com.au and browse the interesting and novel products or just read their fun and exciting blog at www.urbanities.com.au/blog.

    Have fun shopping for your home and office on Urbanities!

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      How Big Can the Social Lending Market Be?

      Posted By LendingHub on October 11, 2009 No Comments » Filed under: Peer to Peer and Social Lending

      In this post we look at a few quick stats that might illustrate how big the peer to peer or social lending market could be in Australia. In the US which can be used as a good example for where Australia might be headed over the next 2-3 years, there are about four social lenders – Virgin Money US, Prosper.com, Lending Club and Loanio (there are others but these are the main ones at this time).

      Prosper.com has reported it has generated about $200 million in social loans and has 840,000 members to date.

      Virgin Money US (which was the former Circle lending business that Richard Branson invested in) has reported about $450 million is social loans to date.

      In the UK it has been estimated that social loans might account for 10% of the total personal lending market by 2010.

      Here is Australia we estimate the personal lending market to be about $30 billion and it is quite likely that over the next few years social lenders and P2P platforms will start to take a small share of this total market as has happened in the US and UK.

      Of course unlike the US market Australia has fewer lenders in the personal loans market space and so competition is limited which leads to the higher interest rates that we see borrowers paying with less transparency. The social lenders such as Virgin Money US and Prosper.com are offering a consumer service that should help elevate the standards of the industry which, after the global financial crisis is evident is necessary for lending industries in many developed countries.

      Our next post will look at the characteristics of some different investment asset classes.

      The Lending Hub Team

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      Lending Hub Social Loan Platform Goes Live

      Posted By LendingHub on June 13, 2009 No Comments » Filed under: Lending Hub News

      Lending Hub Online Loan Platform Goes Live!

      We have been developing, coding and creating a peer to peer or social lending platform for personal loans between family and friends and today we finally go live!

      Go to lendinghub.com.au to browse the site, or lendinghub.com.au/Info/AboutUs.php to learn a little bit more about Lending Hub in Australia.

      Start a Loan Listing

      Looking to borrow money from a friend or family member? Start at lendinghub.com.au/Borrowing/HowToBorrow.php to see how to create an online loan listing and start borrowing from your network of friends and family.

      Want to Help a Friend with a Small Loan

      Looking to help a friend or relative with a small personal loan that could make a real difference to their lives? The go to lendinghub.com.au/Lending/HowToLend.php to become a registered lender on Lending Hub and to bid on your friend’s loan. Remember that the borrower needs to create a loan listing on the Lending Hub loan market so why not send them a quick email first and get them online and listed!

      Just Curious About P2P Lending?

      P2P Lending is a truly novel and innovative concept that will revolutionise the way we think about money and lending. In the US, UK and Europe P2P lenders are taking off and proving to be extremely popular. This is a world wide phenomenon were consumers want an alternative to the traditional and old fashioned banks…and now its available in Australia.

      See our information site for more help – Lending Hub Help Centre.

      Alternatively browse the Lending Hub Blog which is full of articles and commentary on the Peer to Peer loan industry.

      Who Can Start a P2P Loan?

      Anyone with an Australian bank account and who is over 18 years of age.

      From the Lending Hub Team…best of luck with your loans and we hope you enjoy an alternative to the banks!

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      Big Bank Hikes its Interest Rates

      Posted By LendingHub on June 13, 2009 No Comments » Filed under: Banking Industry

      Today the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) increased its home loan variable interest rate by 0.1% to 5.74% even though the official cash interest rates have been falling and we are in the middle of an economic downturn and global financial crisis (also popularly known as the GFC).

      It’s interesting to note that the ‘big’ banks continue to be true to form and alienate their customers, the borrowers by hiking up interest rates (and fees) when times are tough.

      These sort of price hikes come about due to a lack of a real alternative in Australia to the traditional big banks…many of the smaller banks and non-bank lenders have been bought out or have effectively stopped lending.

      This is a good example of why we have launched the Lending Hub Marketplace for Loans…we seek to provide ordinary individuals the way to sidestep the big institutions and lend and borrow directly person to person. Borrowers and consumers will hopefully benefit from the introduction of an alternative of to the expensive and old fashioned lenders.

      Lending Hub …where ordinary people set the interest rate!

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